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1) Skip

2) Become a rapper

3) Open up a shelter for stray puppies

4) Flash random people

5) Wait in front of schools in a van with chocolate

6) Cosplay as Aizen Sousuke from Bleach

7) "Physically experiment" with his tentacles

8) Become a tentacle rapist

9) Become a PONG champion

10) Run in the Olympics

11) Have a Spiderman Shrine in his closet

12) Hide porn under his bed

13) Crossdress

14) Become a professional wrestler

15) Become a llama breeder

16) Get addicted to Spanish Soap Operas

17) Admit his undying love for Peter

18) Wear an "I'm with stupid" t-shirt by himself

19) Compare himself to Nergal Jr.

20) Teach Biology

21) Teach Chemistry

22) Wear pink heart boxers

23) Start collecting Pokemon trading cards

24) Appear on "Dancing with the Stars"

25) Fail at DDR

26) Win at DDR

27) Be seen in the mall testing out different perfumes

28) Become a lawyer

29) Make a silly face for a photo

30) Trip over himself

31) Sing "What is Love?' in public

32) Sing in the shower

33) Start saving endangered animals

34) Clone himself

35) Become a Kirby fan

36) Play as 'Phantom' in Phantom of the Opera

37) Appear on Jerry Springer

38) Scream while playing Fatal Frame

39) Vacation to Silent Hill

40) Wear a thong

41) Start raising hamsters

42) Welcome his fangirls with open arms

43) Take a balloon trip around the world

44) Remake and star in the Matrix

45) Become an alcohalic

46) Start singing "This Itsy Bitsy Spider" while fighting Spiderman

47) Have a butterfly collection

48) Build himself a Gundam

49) Forget how to walk

50) Drown

51) Wear a bunny suit

52) Get his tongue frozen to a pole

53) Strip tease

54) Become a male jeans model

55) Open his own restaurant

56) Appear on Iron Chef

57) Take in stray cats

58) Rollerblade everywhere

59) Date the Green Goblin

60) Appear on The View

61) Speak in public about Civil Rights

62) Run for president

63) Lose his life savings in Las Vegas

64) Cosplay as Auron from Final Fantasy X

65) Scream at the tv when he loses at a videogame

66) Open a bakery

67) Become a Mafia Gangster

68) Fight Chuck Norris

69) Win at Monopoly

70) Capture Mary Jane and force her to play Chess with him

71) Challenge Ed Elric to an eating competition

72) Become addicted to "Kyle XY"

73) Win the lottery and donate the money to charity

74) Prance about naked in the street

75) Wear contacts instead of glasses

76) Complain that he doesn't like his cartoon image

77) Ask if his tentacles make his butt look big

78) Get seasick

79) Become an Aerobics instructor

80) Travel around the world on a bicycle

81) Get lost in a hedge maze

82) Apologize

83) Star in a Captain Morgan ad

84) Join a support group

85) Join a choir

86) Scream while riding a rollercoaster

87) Become Miley Cyrus's #1 fan

88) Become paranoid

89) Go commando

90) Pop out of a cake for Peter's birthday

91) Make Jello for a living

92) Cry himself to sleep because he thinks no one understands him

93) Give up

94) Wear a maid uniform and kitty ears

95) Be Santa at the mall

96) Keep telling kids that the Easter bunny isn't  real

97) Laugh evily to break the silence

98) Eat a candycane in a very suggestive way

99) Sing opera

100) Take a bubble bath with lilac-scented soap
This just randomly popped into my head. :shrug:

And yes, i refer to his mechanical arms as Tentacles. Because they are.
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mikuhatsune3210 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
so sad that he wouldn't welcome us, but it's true...
queen-of-fanart Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I love this! :D Would you mind if I made some drawings inspired by this?
metalsonic655 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013
Great, now I have the mental image of Doc Ock doing most of this stuff. It's actually pretty funny.
Marsmar Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2008
I can think up of 50 more things he won't do right now.
stardragon91 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2008
Awww, but I want some o' that tentacle rape. :(
Urahara-Narutard Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2008
Lol i'm sure most of us do too
MasterPlanner Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2008  Professional Artisan Crafter
42) Welcome his fangirls with open arms.

Aww. :(
onewhowatches Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2008
XD. go to :icongot-fanfiction: to reply to this. BUT THIS IS GREAT!! ^^
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