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Autumn's Forgotten Serenade
Every night, when the Grande Olde Clock bellowed forth the twelve bells of midnight, Sonia would awake and slip out from under her covers. Graced by the warm air enclosed in her bedroom, she would pad her way across her plush carpet, clad in only her blue night dress, to her silently hanging curtains draping over her large arched windows. here she would hesitate, looking down at her bare feet as she scolded herself for dreaming such silly things, for showing such loyalty to an abnormal cause. Every night she would pause here, concealed behind the secrecy of her curtains contemplating her self image and considering crawling back into bed. But that little nagging voice in the back of her mind would encourage her onward, launching forth her curiosity and setting fire to her heart. Here she would draw back each curtain with each of her slender pale arms and gaze through the bright window glass at her semicircle balcony and elegant railing surrounding the stone patio. The velvet night sky w
:iconurahara-narutard:Urahara-Narutard 1 0
Autumn rains and winter breath
An icy chill upon the neck
Half glazed eyes look up to the sky
Thinking of life and all that's gone by
Heavy hands and the thunder of heart beats
An incredible weight on unsteady feet
Forgotten promise under the street lamp's shine
Sufferance of the transition of time
Eyes slide shut to forbid the disaster
Maiden escapes to her happily ever after
A smile grows on pale and chapped lips
On dreaming soil reality slips
Heavy burden gone light as a feather
Hope, in the end, is as dull as the weather
A large splash signals the end
Of a misunderstood lover and a loyal friend
Forgotten promise under the street lamp's shine
Time for transition, contemplating suicide.
:iconurahara-narutard:Urahara-Narutard 0 0
The Pledge
I pledge allegiance
To Microsoft
And to the car companies of America
And to the Stock Market
For which it spends
One Nation
Under the influence
With Oprah and Springer for all.
:iconurahara-narutard:Urahara-Narutard 1 0
Mature content
Sleeping Beauty :iconurahara-narutard:Urahara-Narutard 1 2
Life and Death
Love and Hate
Live and Let Live
Those are the rules you follow first.
Pieces of a Whole
Past and Future
Peace through Superior Fire Power
These are the things that matter most.
Friends and Family
Spouses and Strangers
Angels and Demons
Those are the ones who come before you.
Happiness and Joy
Sorrow and Regret
All and then Nothing
This is not what we were meant to live for.
:iconurahara-narutard:Urahara-Narutard 0 0
The defeated flurry of Winter's stone breath
graces the helmet of a forgotten heart.
The drumroll disappears over the mountain's breast,
the sun frowning on the castle hearth.
A swollen star closes its eyes and falls asleep,
the colored pride shed and torn from the mice.
Love song so long, nay, so deep.
The talk of cold clocks has never been so un-nice.
The playful flames danced long ago,
all open blue eyes drowning with silver tears,
for the outraged cry from here did grow,
sweetly, slyly sinking into slumbering enemy ears.
A simple existance with disgraced, reddened breath,
a wolfish grin under the elephant's horn,
a ghosted memory of maidens and men,
The feathered cape of three kings now torn.
A white deer lifts its hanging head.
From the fore, a sprout of shackled horns.
The timid feet of sandled wine and golden bread
skipping merrily to the lover's four.
Circles drawn by the brown eagle wings,
the eyes of many scouring the earth.
For the broken harp will nevermore sing,
allowing s
:iconurahara-narutard:Urahara-Narutard 0 0
RP meme
1) HI!!!!!!!!!!! Who the hell are you and why should i care?
Who am i? Who am i?  i am Sensei, bitch! freaking SENSEI! You never ask me who I am! Why should you care? Pfft, well if you don't cry when your rp character gets demolished then that's your problem.
2) Good for you now shut up and listen to the real questions. Name five OC's you're using in a rp at this time, also tell us about them please.
Shut up? Fine, whatever.
1) Asami; Top General in the Japanese Army, professional serial killer, blue eyes, blue hair, really tall, rather large, has bad attitude, and is great at arguing. He is currently breaking out of jail with a serial killer who has a phone as a weapon and a stubborn prostitute.
2) Nicholas; an angel, rather tall, dark chocolate brown hair, blue eyes, floating silver halo on his head, large white wings, he's stubborn at times, very enthusiastic, and is in love with Kristins autistic uke.
3) Argent; warrior moth, large in all aspects of the word, covered in s
:iconurahara-narutard:Urahara-Narutard 0 1
Interview with The Mister
1) Full name?
       - The Mister
2) Gender?
       - Male
3) Age?
       - 333 years old
4) So what are you?
       - I am a shadow of death, a man of secrets and someone who is nothing more than the poetic silhouette of women's dreams...actually i'm a vampire possessed by six demons. *shrugs*
5) What do you look like?
       - I am a little over six feet tall. i have long blue hair that's down to my calves, and is straight. i have a swirl of hair on my forehead that i twirl when i'm bored. i have golden colored eyes that can turn red, freckles on my face, long limbs, pale skin, and i wear nice suits all the time. plus, i have little fangs and big, round glasses. *smiles*
6) Do you resemble anyone?
       - I resemble Rip Van Winkle from Hellsing, except i'm a guy and i'm not a
:iconurahara-narutard:Urahara-Narutard 0 0
Perfect Circle
Can you see it?
Over there, by the well
Underneath that pile of salt
Near that mirror on the wall
There, do you see her?
Better give her back those pictures
Or better yet, how 'bout the whole camera?
Didn't you know they were hers?
I guess you didn't hear
Everyone knows about her
She's the girl who fell down the well.
Look over here, you see this stain?
I know where it came from
Kid drowned in a bath tub a while back
Everyone knows him too.
Scary noises by the stairs you say?
Horses don't like those either
Ever go there at night?
Everyone knows what happened there
Poor little girl fell down the wishing stairs.
There, did you see that?
Over there, she's looking at you.
There's a scary girl who lives next door?
Hear those babies crying?
Everyone knows it's only the worms.
Red shoes, where'd you get those?
Here by the subway?
You better put them back
Those shoes aren't yours
Hate to be found wearing them
Maybe their owner will come back for them.
Open the closet door
For a second, i thoug
:iconurahara-narutard:Urahara-Narutard 2 1
The Raven
Once upon a midnight dreary, while i pondered weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore,
While i nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.
"'Tis some visitor," i muttered, "tapping at my chamber door-
Only this, and nothing more."
Ah, distinctly i remember it was in the bleak December,
And each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor.
Eagerly i wished for morrow; - vainly i had sought to borrow
From my books surcease of sorrow - sorrow for the lost Lenore -
For the rare and radiant maiden whom the angels named Lenore -
Nameless here for evermore.
And the silken sad uncertain rustling of each purple curtain
Thrilled me - filled me with fantastic terrors never felt before;
So that now, to still the beating of my heart, i stood repeating
"'Tis some visitor entreating entrance at my chamber door -
Some late visitor entreating entrance at my chamber door -
This is it, and noth
:iconurahara-narutard:Urahara-Narutard 0 1
Interview with The Trio
1) Full names?
      #1: Ju-on, but call me Judy.
      #2: Ringu! But you can call me Rinji.
      #3: Memento Mori, but you may call me Mori.
2) Gender?
      Judy: boy
      Rinji: boy
      Mori: male
3) Ages?
      Judy: too old to be young, too young to be old!
      Rinji: kinda young i think
      Mori: old enough
4) What are you guys?
      All three: Sin Spawns or shadows
5) When were you born?
      Judy: sometime in March
      Rinji: April something!
      Mori: November second, at 6:42 pm. i don't know what year.
6) Have any illnesses?
      Judy: nah
:iconurahara-narutard:Urahara-Narutard 0 0
Interview with a Detective
1) Full name?
        - Trae Masters
2) Gender?
        - male
3) Age?
        - 21 years old
4) What are you?
        - *cough* i'm a detective for the Atlantis Police, CSI, and FBI.
5) What do you look like?
        - i'm about 5'7", thin but not a twig, pale as chalk, and frail. i have dark circles around my charcoal eyes, chapped lips, long nails, unruly black hair that hangs in my eyes, and long limbs.
6) Do you resemble anyone?
        - Yes. Gekkou Hayate from Naruto, and L from Death Note.
7) Do you have any nicknames?
        - Yeah i *cough* guess so. Some people call me G, Stork and Ghost.
8) Date of Birth?
        - that's not allowed to be given. but since yo
:iconurahara-narutard:Urahara-Narutard 1 0
Mature content
Interview with the Psycho :iconurahara-narutard:Urahara-Narutard 1 4
We watched them crash into our buildings
Our twins, the ones so special to us
Red flames sprout from the wounds
Loud screams echo from the smoke-filled windows
Down came the twin towers
Tons of debris poured into our streets
Running people are everywhere
An army of firefighters and police are there
Determined to save as many lives possible
Even though the hopes are grim
Crying spectators crowd the crash sites
Endings of the disasters are finally here
Numerous bodies appear in the dust
The twins are gone and the flight is over
Everyone should remember this fact
Real heroes don't always return from war
:iconurahara-narutard:Urahara-Narutard 1 2
Interview with Zim
1) Full name?
          - Zim
2) Gender?
          - i'm a male "it"
3) Age?
         - old enough
4) Named after anyone?
         - an invader i think
5) Any nicknames?
         - no
6) Date of Birth?
         - my kind isn't born, we just spawn randomly.
7) What are you?
         - i am a shadow of demonic proportions.
8) What do you look like?
         - i look somewhat like a human being, but i'm a solid black mass.
9) Where do you come from and what's it like
         - i bring you greeting from the Underworld! a shitty place that only has Desperate Housewives and old CSI e
:iconurahara-narutard:Urahara-Narutard 6 1
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
Sun, please don't leave me!
Or the moon and night will take me away!
Little ones up and leave,
Out go the pretty pink lights.
New faces appear that should never be seen,
Grotesque creatures with mean-looking eyes.
Mr. Teacher, do you see me?
I'm over here, waving at you,
See me here, standing and shouting?
Teacher, Teacher! Don't say goodbye!
Evening has yet to pull the cat's tail!
Rally 'round the campfire now.
Depair, despair, for when will you come?
Each star is dim with laughter so evil.
Sheep and lamb couldn't jump the fence.
Pause the screen and play it back in slow motion.
Again and again, the clock strikes twelve,
In the end, no one is there.
Rope for sale, only 25 cents.
:iconurahara-narutard:Urahara-Narutard 2 0


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I'm going to Sakura-con this year as Ulquiorra. :meow: And lots of shenanigans will ensue.

Going as an emotionless bad ass like this Espada will prove to have some difficulties. Accompanying me on this three day journey are two of my closest friends and my personal costume designer. :smoking: don't take me wrong. it's not like im rich or anything.

One of my friends has ADD and is made of giggles, rainbows and really good Polish food. She smiles all the time, cracks jokes whenever time has it, her laugh is contagious, and she likes to glomp people. i have to be emotionless. I will be standing next to her.

emotionless + amusing = really hard time restraining giggles :tighthug:

I have no idea what my two friends are going to be, no idea what or who.

As for my costume, i have no idea how it's coming along. :la: but i am well prepared for the role as Ulquiorra. i have been practising my vocabulary, sarcasm skills, eye roll, fragile appearance, lack of interest, and monotone voice. yes. :salute: i went there and came back with souvenirs.

Happy Saturday my duckies. :meow:


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Skin of choice: mine?
Favourite cartoon character: Ironically Aizen
Personal Quote: Chaotic neutral: my side is the one that's winning.


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